Political Action letter

Political Action letter

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This is an official business letter from you to a politician of your choice. This letter stems from an article (in a magazine or newspaper) that impacted you and gave you reason to write this letter of support or outrage. Compose a letter to a government individual of your choice outlining your concerns and what you would like that government person to do (vote yes or no for some up-coming supporting legislation) or lobby for a new policy? You will submit the article that instigated your action to write to the politician, along with your political action letter to the instructor on the assigned date. Since this is a business letter, make sure that the letter is left justified and is Times Roman Numeral with a 12 font. Please make sure that the politician’s name and address is in block format and you address the person of interest as Honorable ……. 15 points….Find and submit an article pertaining to the issue you are
addressing in your letter. 15 points…..Identify a key politician (name and address) who you feel can champion your cause 20 points ….1st paragraph: Introduce your topic of interest and clearly communicate your position. 20 points…..2nd paragraph: identify which bill, policy, or amendment would be impacted 15 points 3rd paragraph: thank the politician for their attention to this matter and closing remarks 5 points…..Type your name and sign your name 5 points……Typed business legal sized envelope with name and address of the politician and “stamped” for mailing. 5 points……Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall neatness

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