Policy Process Part 2

Policy Process Part 2

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Most kindergarten schools are now switching to a full seven hour schedule because they feel that the conventional three hours does not allow sufficient time for the math, language, arts and science that are fast becoming typical elements of kindergarten education. The full day school policies are being implemented everywhere, whether they are small suburban schools or large urban ones, or whether they are for the children of the poor or the rich. The changes have been introduced because now parents and teachers expect children to learn something in whatever they do in school. They do not mean to deprive children of fun that children are supposed to have in kindergarten, but they contend that children must learn as well, and the extended time will make it easier to learn more. Studies have shown that full day kindergarten encourage educational growth which makes it easier for the child when he/she goes on the first grade. Despite the academic advantages, attending school for a 7 hour period can be physically and mentally exhausting for a child who is not used to being away from home and also being kept busy for an entire day. Taking into account a child’s mental level and adaption to an environment away from home could pose challenges

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