Poetry/ Songwriting/Children or YA/Graphic Form

Poetry/ Songwriting/Children or YA/Graphic Form

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Poetry/ Songwriting/Children or YA/Graphic Form. Select one of the four genres. For Poetry or Songwriting, submit four to six poems/songs that work as a series or as individual pieces. For Children or YA, you may submit a complete story or an excerpt with a brief summary statement of longer work. For Graphic Form, submit a comic-length story or an excerpt with a brief summary statement of longer work. Children, YA and Graphic Form will be marked  according to the Fiction Rubric (in other words, character development, theme and structure  will be critical to this assignment).  • Prose submissions (Fiction, NonFiction, Children and YA) should be double- spaced, in Times New Roman font. Picture books aren’t allowed for Children. • Poetry and Songwriting assignments are single-spaced (unless consistent stanza breaks are a style choice). • Graphic Form must include some attempt at  storyboarding—you will not be graded on your drawing skills, but rather how well the visual and  prose aspects work together.

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