please see the attached instruction

please see the attached instruction

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This assignment is easier to work on a spreadsheet. i have attached the instruction, which is the “RBSE Deliverable 4”. More detailed information is on the ebook, “RBSE-2ndEd-ebook”, please see the Phase
1–Step 4 on the ebook. This is a series of assignment, i also attached the previous completed assignment. This assignment asks us to evaluate ourselves at our best. So in the previous assignment, the teacher asked us to find a list of people to ask them about the stories that when i was at my best. There are list of people and in the deliverable
3, there are three stories i write about my self. If i didn’t make these clearly, you can check the instructions on Phase 1 -step123 on the ebook, then you will know. You can make something up to complete this assignment. But i hope they are more realistic. And I am a Chinese. please make up something more fit Chinese people. Thank you. if you have more questions, please feel free to contact me.

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