pioneer women on the western canada prairis

pioneer women on the western canada prairis

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The purpose of the Research Paper Proposal is to help you formulate your Research Paper topic, sources, and approach using the topic choice guidelines provided on the link below. It also enables you to discuss your paper and research with your tutor. Read the instructions for Assignment 4 Research Paper before you  begin to develop your
research proposal so you know what you are aiming for.  In your research paper proposal, include the following sections:  Topic of Research Paper. You must select your topic . Originality of Topic (In this section, state whether you have written on your chosen topic or a similar topic before.) Proposed Argument or Thesis Statement (in 1 to 3 sentences). Proposed List of Primary Sources (Include complete citations. If using archival and museum materials, include the collection names as well as the names of archives and museums; if using newspapers include the
names and dates of publication; and if using online sources cite the name of the website as well as the full stable URL.) Proposed Scholarly Sources: Remember to provide a complete citation for each source you plan to
use. For books: include the author, title, publisher, and date of publication. For articles, include the author, article or chapter title; journal name or book title and name of editor if applicable; journal issue, date, and page numbers; book publication date and page numbers.

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