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In this series of assignments you will be traveling around Seattle, taking notes and photographs of the city. You will post some of your photos along with a short write-up on our communal course “blog page” (really a discussion board) four times during the quarter, once each week. Your photos and posts must be directly linked to class themes, readings, and other materials. The intent of this assignment is to give you direct exposure to the issues we are discussing in the classroom – to see the reality behind some of the conceptual material we will be discussing. This assignment requires that you walk around parts of Seattle with a camera, observing and recording what you see. This can be done alone, with a partner or with a small group. You are welcome to visit any part of Seattle – rich/poor, majority/minority, business/residential/mixed, etc. However, I do not want to see more than one post from the U- District (and I prefer to see none). The idea is to get out to places you know little about, to experience new things, and to explore parts of the city you have not been to. Oh, and this is a “rain-or- shine,” “day-or- night” assignment. Weather conditions are not an excuse for missing your blogging deadline.


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