Philospohy of Business and Economics

Philospohy of Business and Economics

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Below you can find exactly what the professor is asking me to do:
“+Read the book “Trust: The Social Virtues and The Creation of Prosperity”, by Francis Fukuyama.
+ 5-7 pages, Garamond 12, 1,5 line spacing + I only accept a carefully written academic paper; + write argumentative, give examples, remember: this is your philosophy paper + end your paper with a reflection: what’s the best, most convincing in the book?
+ don’t write a summary style paper. You really want to do more: reconstruct with your own words, cite, quote, evaluate, try to think about the reader when writing. Think as a review-writer.
+ show us that you followed the classes in your paper. Perhaps cite something from class, a book, article.
+ don’t underestimate the quality we ask for. Write and rewrite until you think it is a really good paper. ”
Write an essay on the book Trust of Francis Fukuyama. 5-7 pages perfect English. Reconstruct the argument. Cite where necessary. Get to the kernel of the book. You will like it, but read it in a way so you can really reconstruct his ideas.

Furthermore the professor clearly wants me to distinguish the key concepts among the presented countries; for example trust is one of the key concepts. He also requests to find the conceptual framework that Fukuyama uses to write the book.


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