Pet shop in London, UK

Pet shop in London, UK

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Please clearly read the requirement of assignment and other file will be as a resource may help you to make a good work ,and make sure understand and answer every question and achieving all of
learning outcome ,and most important ly is should be your own writing and do not copy any sentence and words from others because of a plagiarized checker in my school.

Writing details are in M060 lecture introductory.( Important, read
clearly about it)

Word count:12,000

Type: Business plan

Topic: Pet shop in London, UK

It is a business plan so the everything should be clear.( Location,
customers pain point etc.)

According to the tutor, pain point is important.

The finance part requirement is in the M060 Lecture introductory file,
it is about the capital and currency,and remember 50 references.


i. Highlights: key points from the main pars: Biz opp; Campaign; Ops; Finance

ii. Authenticity statement

iii. Research strategy: How, and what 1MR & 2MR done

iv. Business opportunity: About country; About sector; About city; About location; 2MR; About business model; Macros; Competitors; Gaps, PEST analysis, STP analysis, Porters 5 Forces analysis, SWOT analysis.

v. Campaign: Candelabra(Should be finished in 3 candelabras); Strategy 1MR; Positioning; Traditional selling; Digital marketing 4P

vi. Operations & Org: IRPCAM- Initial set up tasks; Recruitment & relations; Production process; Customer process; Admin and reporting tasks; Management process

vii. Finance & Risk: Cashflow; Sensitivity +/-15%; Breakeven; Payback; Risk; CSF; KPI

viii. Recommendation, i.e. is this a good biz, & if not why not?

ix. Reflections, i.e. what you learnt

x. References, e.g. Rae core text; Morrison lecturer; Yourself as researcher; Tutor as explainer of X�..

xi. Appendix: 1MR info;


1.1MR is primary research, the research results from 7sm template. There is a questionnaire in the template, just design the questionnaire and discuss the final result by yourself, the number of interviewee is 50. And please draw the pie charts of the questionnaire results.

2.2MR is secondary research, it is the macro research of the market.(PEST, P5F etc.)

3.The input of the candelabra should from the PEST, P5F, SWOT, the example of the candelabra is in the file of candelabra, and you should make 3 candelabras, which means 3 strategies.

4.There is a requirements of finance in the M060 Lecture introductory file, when you are ready to start the finance and risk part, please check the file first.

5.The templates that I send to you should be all filled in.

6.Please send me the IPRCAM template and and IPRCAM ARCs template by 8.3, 7SM template,P5F template and candelabra&gap template should be sent by 8.9, other templates should be sent with the 12000 words
report by 8.12.

7. Part ii. To v. is suggested to write in 5000 words, according to the module leader.

8.According to the supervisor meeting today, the tutor said customers� pain point is important and should be write in details in the 7SM template. Also the gap of the market and how to defeat the competitors( such as what service and products that should be produced to the customers and attract them) Like dog walking or training to face the long hour working pet owners. Otherwise, more statistic is better. Hope this will help your writing.

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