Persuasive essay on Improving High Schools

Persuasive essay on Improving High Schools

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For this essay you will need to develop your own argument, supported by textual evidence from sources, that I will list at the end, on how to improve education in our high schools. Your thesis must identify one key problem, discuss the causes and/or the effects of that problem, and finally offer a solution. In order to support your ideas, you must use evidence from the four sources at the end of these instructions. You MAY NOT use any other outside evidence! Remember, you must use information from the four approved sources. Also, this essay must be in APA format (not MLA!), though no abstract is required. Note that this is not an analysis essay, but rather you own argument supported with outside sources. You are free to make any argument you choose, but it must be able to be supported by the
available evidence. Also, since this is not an analysis essay, you do not need to introduce the readings/authors in the introduction, though you will want to introduce the sources, including a brief discussion of why we should trust them, before you cite them for the first time. The greatest challenge for this essay is coming up with a single, unified thesis that justifies the use of supporting evidence from the separate readings. Remember, unity is one essential attribute of a quality argument. Please do not just list a series of problems with schools. Remember, you must identify ONE problem, and then build your essay around that, talking about the cause and/or the effects of this one problem, as well as the solution. Also, remember that the solution is part of your argument, and thus it needs to be supported with evidence, and should be part of the body of your paper (not the conclusion).
The essay must be at least five (5) FULL pages in length, follow all format guidelines and follow all APA format guidelines (including a properly formatted works cited page and correct in-line citations).Summary:
• Develop your own argument identifying ONE key problem in high school education, discuss the causes and/or effects of the problem, and the
solution. Support your argument with appropriate and cited quotations and paraphrases.
• 5 pages in length (5 FULL pages minimum)
• 4 approved sources
• Correct APA format

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