Personnel Management

Personnel Management

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Section 1

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Investigate personnel requirements and undertake a job analysis for an identified position:You will need to:

 analyse the requirement for a specific vacancy with reference to accepted models design a job

 design a jobdescription and a person specification for the vacancy identified
through the analysis

Section 2

Word Length: Approx. 500 word

Examine employment legislation with regard to recruitment:You willneed to:

 evaluate current employment legislation as it affectsrecruitment and selection of personnelBrighton School of Business and Management LimitedBrighton School of Business and Management Limited

Section 3

Word Length: Approx. 500 words

Implement and evaluate the recruitment and selection process:You will need to:

 devise and use appropriate documentation for selecting at least one member of staff

 critically evaluate the recruitment and selection process in one organisation,making recommendations for improvement.Assignment Completion and Assessment

The unit assignments are designed to cover the specific unit learning outcomes.Assignments may be focused on actual workplace
activity, case studies, or desk- research.All assignments need to cover the assignment-specific assessment criteria, as shown in each assignment section.The format, structure, and overall presentation of the assignment is expected to be to a professional standard.The
assignment word length is approximate and is given on each sectionWord process the reportUse 10 point Arial or Times New Roman script. Use the Simplified Harvard referencing system.

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