Personal Timeline Historiography

Personal Timeline Historiography

Personal Timeline Historiography

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Personal Timeline Historiography a personal timeline of adult change and transition as a means of explaining adult development relevant to adult learning. Completing the historiography is intended to give learners the opportunity to consider adult change, development and learning in light of prior knowledge, personal experience, and course content.

1. You will create a personal timeline of adult change and transition incorporating the theories of adult development studied in the text and supplemental readings and resources that examines:

2. The Historiography should be 2 pages in length, in appropriate APA format, and include the following key points:
1. Historiographies should chronicle the learner�s life journey

2. Identify key events that occur in the journey of adulthood

3. Interpret the events and incidents (provide brief discussion of the meaning of the events)

4. How have the key events influenced your personal, academic, and professional decision-making/choices?

5. Relate appropriate research presented in text or supplemental readings that support the identified events as critical to an adult life journey

6. What kinds of learning (formal, informal, non-formal) were part of the historiography? How were these learning experiences connected to key events?


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