Personal Reflection on Values and Ethics

Personal Reflection on Values and Ethics

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HUMN 330 Values and EthicsPersonal Reflection on Values and EthicsAssignment GuidelinesErik Erikson, one of the most influential psychoanalysts of the 20th century, proposed an eight stage theoryry of growth as a model for how we live, think, learn and change throughout our lifetimes. What we value, our character and psyche are determined as a result of thedevelopmental tasks we face in each stage. For more information on his stages see:’s last stage is sometimes referred to as late adulthood, maturity, or old age (Erikson’sterm is Ego Integrity vs. Despair), and begins around the age of 60 or when we typically retire.According to his theory, during this final stage of life we take a deep inventory of our lives and our sense of usefulness. The basic question most people grapple with at this stage is: did ourlife have meaning? However, we do not need to wait until the latter part of our life to answer this question.

Reflect your beliefs, and not necessarily a statement of fact. Are your values based on family, health, achievements, wealth, job success, happiness, faith, love, or anything else that you hold in great esteem, that perhaps you would be willing even to die for? Think of your value statement as what defines you as a person. You took a similar inventory in Module 2, so your answer might be similar. However, after reading the material in this course, you may have changed your perspectives on some of these items. If so, explain. Certainly, you now have a theoretical framework in which to place these values, so make sure you add that information. Once you determine what you value, then you can transition to formulating a personal ethics statement. How have your values informed your decisions and shaped the way you live? This part of the paper would include your personal view of ethics. In addition, consider how this code was instilled in you from the time you were born until now. What personality traits do you consider to be closely related to ethical and unethical behavior? Why? How do you see your development according to Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development?

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