Periodical/Film Analysis

Periodical/Film Analysis

Periodical/Film Analysis

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Periodical/Film Analysis This assignment asks you to use both quantitative and qualitative research methods. You will begin by recording the frequency (counting up the numbers) for the varieties of depictions of women you observe in a representative example of contemporary popular (non-scholarly) magazines or films. You will then compare the results from this quantitative research to more traditional forms of qualitative research that involve things such as trying to assess the emotional impact of certain narratives/plotlines or analyzing the depictions of
chief characters. This paper involves tracking gender/sexuality issues by either:

A.) Perusing and analyzing six (6) contemporary entertainment/lifestyle magazines. OR

B.) Watching and analyzing three (3) popular contemporary movies.

For this assignment, I want you to track/critique all aspects of your chosen media:

a) for periodicals pay attention to not only articles and advertisements but photos and illustrations as well;

b) for movies I want you to pay attention to plotlines, character depiction/development, dialogue, settings, background music, product placements, etc… You will be asked to discuss the extent to which your chosen magazines or movies provide examples of, or contrary evidence toward, the concepts we will cover in the first half of the class including: stereotypes (racial, ethnic, gender), the gaze, objectification, body image, and cultivation analysis.


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