Peer influences on child development

Peer influences on child development

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Much of a child’s learning and socialization is influenced by his or her peer interactions.  Children influence one another in a variety of ways, both positively and negatively.  Please address each of the following questions related to peer influences. Explain 3 specific ways in which children are influenced by their peers. Do you believe a child’s self-esteem is influenced more by his peers or family?  Explain your answers. In your opinion, are social networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, useful for helping children learn to socialize?      Why or why not? Do you believe that bullying has increased through the  years or have we, as a society, just become more aware of it?  Explain     your answer.  In your opinion, which is more harmful to a child’s self-esteem: verbal aggression or physical aggression?  Explain your answer.  How can parents curtail the negative effects of peer influences on their children?  Explain your answer. In your opinion, is it appropriate to hold a child back from entering kindergarten because they have immature socialization     skills?  Explain your answer. Do parenting styles (Baumrind) affect a child’s peer selection?  (Example:  How would an “authoritative” parent influence a   child’s choice of friends versus an “authoritarian” parent?).  Explain your answer. Should children be allowed to have “imaginary” friends to help them learn to socialize?  Why or why not? How do children communicate their feelings through play?  Explain your answer.

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