A Peaceful Evacuation: Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward

A Peaceful Evacuation: Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze the leadership styles that were followed by two Lieutenant Colonels (Lt. Col.) in the Israel. More specifically, the paper is intended specifically during evacuation from the Gaza Strip. The analysis of the case study has revealed the fact that the main reasons of the evacuation were that the government of Israel decided to abandon all settlements in the area that were specifically surrounding the Gaza Strip.In this regard, the paper is intended to discuss the leadership style that was exhibited by Lt. Col. Yaron for the operations of evacuation. In order to present more cohesive illustration of the leadership style of Lt. Col. Yaron, the paper encapsulates there examples of his leadership behavior and actions, while presenting the pros and cons of the leadership style. Moreover, the comparison of the leadership styles of Lt. Col. Daniel and Lt. Col. Yaron. In this account, the manuscript includes three examples of the differences and similarities amid these project leaders. The paper is also intended to discuss that how each of these two leaders would cope with the issues of Israel. The interrelationship of Lt. Col. Daniel and Lt. Col. Yaron is also assessed in the paper by using Jung theory and four personality traits. The objective of this activity is to examine that how their leadership styles might hinder or enhance team performance for the complex military operations that are relevant to the case.

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