Pathology of Death

Pathology of Death

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1.A husband contacts police at approximately 10:00 am to report that his wife had passed away from natural causes. The wife was being treated for terminal cancer and was under hospice care. The husband reported that he left the residence at approximately 7:00 am to run some errands. When he left the house, his wife was awake and watching the television in the living room. Upon returning home, the husband found his wife dead in the reclining chair in front of the television. The husband immediately called the police to notify them that she had passed away. The husband explained that his wife was in the exact same position as when he left her to start his errands.

What is wrong with this scene?
Explain in detail how this is medically possible.

3.Explain the procedures for photographing the deceased during an autopsy. What are some of the challenges involved? What type of equipment should be used?

4.Define each of the following terms and explain the significance of each during autopsy. Provide an example of a cause of death where you would expect to see each of these medical phenomenon.
a. Tache Noire
b. Tardieu Spots
c. Petechiae
d. Mongolian spots
e. Battle signs

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