Paper One

Paper One

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To be able to complete this assignment, one must, first, purchase the
assigned textbook and do the assigned readings. There are ample
examples of corporate crime in Chapter One. The question is embedded
in the readings.

I am not asking students to furnish me general pr?cises of corporations ?taking advantage of consumers to boast profit . . .,? What I am asking students to do is address specific topics (of interest) related to corporations ?taking advantage of consumers to boast profit . . .? This explains why I asked you to cull a specific story from a newspaper and link information gathered to the readings, e.g., gambling.

To help you sail through this assignment and course with ease, your chosen article(s) must provide the name of the corporation, i.e. Ontario Lottery and Gaming, what it did, i.e., incentivizing gambling, and why its actions are considered criminal; i.e. wilfully goading customers to gamble their life savings to boast corporate profit. Do you see the analysis?

As part of this assignment, I expect students to insert themselves into the discussion using academic literature to dissect (the) issues under investigation and their implications on the individual(s), i.e., gambler(s) (broken marriages, unemployment, mental health issues, suicide, etc.,) and the public (increased taxation to fund services).

Again, you can?t work on the assignment(s) without a newspaper article on a specific topic, read the assigned chapter(s), and make the connections; linking the central themes in the newspaper article to information in the textbook. Challenge yourself. You are capable

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