Ottoman Civil War (1509–13)

Ottoman Civil War (1509–13)

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The Ottoman Civil War[dubious – discuss] was a war of succession in the Ottoman Empire from 1509 to 1512, during the reign of Bayezid II. The war was fought between his two sons Ahmed and Selim.

In 1509, Auman, the older of the two claimants, won a battle against the Karaman Turks and their Safavid allies in Asia Minor and then marched on Constantinople

[1] to exploit his triumph. Fearing for his safety, Selim staged a revolt in Thrace but was defeated by Bayezid and forced to flee to Crimea (1511).[citation needed]

At this point, Bayezid II developed fears that Ahmed might in turn kill him to gain the throne and refused to allow his son to enter Constantinople.Selim returned from Crimea and, with support from the Janissaries, defeated and killed Ahmed. Bayezid II then abdicated the throne on April 25, 1512.

He departed for retirement in his native Demotika, but he died along the way, and is buried next to the Bayezid Mosque in Constantinople.

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