Organizational Issue and SWOT Analysis

Organizational Issue and SWOT Analysis

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Organizational Issue and SWOT AnalysisWhether large or small, every organization will at some point encounter issues that might be challenging. Take for example the global franchise Cold Stone Creamery. Several years ago, Cold Stone Creamery franchises were rapidly expanding, and it seemed there was one on every corner. They had a unique product: high-quality, hand-crafted ice creams with a bevy of toppings and flavor combinations. Cold Stone became trendy and began expanding at an extremely fast pace. Soon, franchises started opening too close to one another and were hurting each other’s sales. As fast as franchises were opening, they were closing as well. This is a perfect example of an organization that encountered the issue of expanding too quickly.

Organizations can face a multitude of challenging issues that need to be addressed. One effective tool an organization can use to self-evaluate and determine potential issues is a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. A SWOT analysis can help in the decision-making process for new strategies or ventures. In addition to facilitating analysis of the organization’s internal characteristics, SWOT analysis also introduces the notion of external environmental analysis, which you will explore in more depth in the next module.

Review the Learning Resources from this unit and focus on organisational issues and SWOT analysis; use these as a basis to identify one to two additional scholarly sources on internal organisational analysis.Identify an issue in the organization you selected. Organizational issues may include ethical problems, understaffing or overstaffing, overuse or underuse of resources, lack of communication between teams and stakeholders, lack of innovation, decreased profits, or other problems or challenges faced by the organization. The issue should be of strategic importance, with a demonstrable impact on organizational performance.

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