Organizational Diversity

Organizational Diversity

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For this portfolio assignment, you will research a company or
organization of your choosing regarding its organizational diversity.
You might choose to examine an organization with a poor track record
on diversity or one that has excelled in this area—the choice is
yours. For your research, you will need to look at newspapers, social
media, scholarly literature, trade organizations or trade press,
government documents, company website, or legal briefs. Most likely,
you will need to examine a combination of these sources.
With your topic in hand, you will now write a paper that addresses
each of the following items as they relate to your company. Note that
each item in the list is worth equal value. Each answer must be
reflective of your careful analysis of your sources. This means your
answers must be supported by specific references to your sources.
1. Provide a background and organizational framework for the
organization including relevant historical information, industry
information, sales figures, mission, product, location, and customer
or audience base.
2. Discuss the following types of diversity and the role each plays in
the culture of the organization.
• Gender
• Age
• Race/Ethnicity
• Religion
• Sexual Orientation
• Disabilities
3. Provide a detailed explanation of how the top leadership of the
organization has shown commitment, or lack of commitment, to
5. Discuss the policies, procedures, and practices the organization
has in place with regard to all forms of diversity in the workplace.
This should also include the outcomes or results of not following the
policies and procedures as well as the laws that may be particularly
pertinent to the organization.
6. Analyze how this company could improve upon its current diversity
strategy to improve its overall corporate performance.

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