Organizational Behavior Theories

Organizational Behavior Theories

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Your final research project will provide you with the opportunity to examine a problem or issue of concern in a real organization. You will
develop a course of action by applying concepts and applications of this course. You may choose a public, private, or not-for-profit
Organization in which you have been employed (past or present) or you may choose an organization of interest to you. In selecting the
organization, it is important to consider the range and depth of research analysis available to you. Information may be accessed
through direct communications with people from the organization, data from the media (such as newspapers, webcasts, etc.), organizational literature, the organization’s website, professional journals/articles, and other secondary sources.  You must identify a recent problem or issue from within the past three years. This primary focus of this project is your analysis of the problem or issue; it is not merely an historical account of a problem and the company’s solution. Your analysis of the problem or issue may or may not align with the organization’s previous or proposed course of action. In general, your final research project should provide the organization with the most effective course of action to address their problem or issue, based on the application of key principles, concepts, and theories of  organizational behavior.

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