Organization and methodology

Organization and methodology

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Write an essay of 2,500-3,000 words in an academic style (for example, do not use contractions such as doesn’t use does not instead) comparing two similar public spaces in different parts of the world. Describe these places and, using the theoretical frameworks discussed in the first section of the course: Goffman (1959a, 1959b, 1971, 2006), Lofland (chapters 1 and 7, NOT chapter 4, 1998), Gehl (2010, 2011) and Hall (1990), analyse the way the spaces are designed and the way people use them. Make recommendations, based on your analysis, to improve them.  Photos are recommended but must be referenced if they are not the students own. The development of each task relies on the use of relevant academic literature and data collection. Accurate and systematic APA referencing which should include in-text references, as well as a reference list, is required. The reference list is not included in the word count. A suggested outline is below:   Introduction outlining essay structure.  Description of space 1 with photos and plan.  Description of space 2 with photos and plan.  Comparative analysis of spaces 1 and 2 using relevant theories, referenced appropriately.  Suggestions for improvement for both spaces. These suggestions should follow on logically from the previous section. Conclusion summarizing the essay. References.

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