The opportunities of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility,

The opportunities of implementing Corporate Social Responsibility,

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So this is my expectation in terms of the writer. I will attach the research proposal for the project, so you can get a brief understanding of the topic and what is required In for the main project. You may use aspects from the proposal. However, my feedback states, the background/opportunity section is too vague, the literature review is not critical enough, and research methods need to be in more detail, and the plan should have more information regarding resources, so it is important, you have all of this in mind.

Also, you will need to conduct all research methods yourself such as The methods stated in brief. Furthermore, I will attach the lecture slides my university has provided me, and this will give you information on how each section should be done, and give you a deeper understanding of what is required. Lastly THE MOST IMPORTANT file I will provided is the assignments brief, please make sure you see part B (Research Project) only, this will state everything that is required for the project and must be followed completing all sections. I cannot stress enough how important it is you use the files I provide and follow them as this is what is expected from my university and for the paper.

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