Operation Management and Strategic Performance

Operation Management and Strategic Performance

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You can include more information in appendices but do not put another 2500 words in an appendix! The appendix is to show graphs, data, or relevant info and will not be read if it is part of the main body of the assignment.


Take an operation or process of your own choice, and answer the following questions about its operations management practices.

Overview the nature of the operation and identify the strategic performance objectives and the specific operations characteristics (approximately 20% of report content). Evaluate an aspect of the design of the operation and its compatibility with the performance objectives. Use models, tools and techniques such as process and layout classification, stages of product/service design, or flowcharting to illustrate your answer (approximately 30% of report content).
Evaluate specific aspects of planning and control, which you consider to be important. You may choose subjects such as quality control, supply chain management, or capacity management (approximately 35% of report content).
Taking an issue evaluated from either the design or planning and control elements of the operation, how could you improve it? (approximately 15% of report content).
This coursework is designed to be as flexible as possible and a considerable degree of latitude will be given as to the scope and emphasis of your report. However, you must structure the report carefully, presenting data clearly and concisely, in tables, diagrams and appendices. Purely descriptive work adds little value, so you
should apply the OM models, concepts and tools extensively throughout. Avoid simply copying and pasting standard models, as this assignment is only about application and analysis.

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