Online data of places

Online data of places

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You are requested to create a digitally innovative online story. The project needs to be viewed online using appropriate web format(s). The final version can be presented using a single online destination (as your blog) or can spread over multiple platforms (for example your blog and social media channels). You need to demonstrate that you have undertaken research for your project.

The emphasis is on story and story-telling! Think about time and space!

Remember: Stories can be told over time connecting past-present- future, about a place, within a place, about people and with people, about a community or with a community, about an object, yourself, your family, your community, a political, environmental and/ or social issue…and created/visualised in various ways…using different media and platforms.

Please have a look at the list below and choose one format for your project:

Ideas and formats Research Points to consider

• An interactive data visualisation in relation to time and/or space

Data research (as Statistics, Changes in statistics [unemployment rates or similar, numbers of elephants…])

Content research (e.g. for timelines, response to news items and stories)

Visualisation techniques

Target audience

Data relevance

Forms of interactions (some coding required)

Visualisation method

Dynamic data (more coding required!)

• Campaigning website/blog (ContentManagementSystem – CMS)

Content and issues

Relevant material


Target audience

Produce own material e.g. photos, graphics, videos

Think about wider distribution in and utilisation of social media networks

• Interactive video

• Interactive documentary

Content research


Target audience

Produce own material and storyline for an interactive narrative

• Participatory platform (CMS)


Users and contributors

Produce a platform for multiple users and contributors

Platform (wiki, blog…)

Outline a participation strategy (how will you engage users to contribute work)

• Marketing website and/or strategy to promote an individual (including self), product or company

Platforms and strategies


Target audience and location

Produce your own marketing material and think about a way to distribute it to reach your intended target audience

Outline a marketing strategy

The list above contains suggestions you can follow. If you have other ideas (e.g. producing an installation) or would like to mix suggested formats please talk to your tutor! Steps to approach your assessment:

7. Decide on a topic and the best format to present it and do some preliminary research into your area to:

a. Locate projects that are similar for inspiration,

b. Find relevant data sources,

c. Decide on your target audience,

d. Decide on appropriate (an) output format(s) and/or distribution channels.

8. Prepare your concept pitch for week 20 using the points researched above (see concept pitch for more details).

9. Create idea sketches, mood boards, interaction diagrams and similar (depending on your project) to

discuss those with your tutor.

10. Start creating materials/web platforms and test your work on and with your target audience!

11. Assemble your work and submit

Pre-Written Pages: 7


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