Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Personal Inefficiency / Self-Improvement

Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Personal Inefficiency / Self-Improvement

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The assignment is not intended to be time intensive. Please note the 3-page limit. Each assignment is straightforward and not “extensive.”
In nature. It is not asking for a literature review or comprehensive report. Assignment: Identify a personal inefficiency, preferably a system or procedure, that you currently employ to your detriment. The example can come from home or work. For example, are you always running late in the morning and forgetting to do something? Is there a mistake that you continually make? For homework #3, I would like you to “solve” one of these personal “problems” or inefficiencies. You may use a problem that you have already “solved” (or improved). Please refer to examples provided for inspiration.  This homework may be prepared in the form of a written report or as a power point
presentation (with voice-over narration). Presentations should include an approximately The 5-minute presentation of your self-improvement efforts. Regardless of which method you choose (the power point or the written report), supplement your report with digital pictures and videos if appropriate.

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