Obesity Effects on Children

Obesity Effects on Children

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Main question: What are the factors that determine effective child obesity intervention programs?

1. Are there ethical or legal issues in existing obesity programs or interventions for children?

2. What are the distinctions of parental and governmental responsibility on child obesity and how would this impact policy making?

3. What are the failures in schools-based obesity intervention programs?

4. Do individual characteristics among children matter in addressing the problem of obesity and, if they do, are these being taken in consideration during governmental policy making or in the case of parental decision making particularly those involving standardized policies or interventions?

5. Do obesity programs adversely affect the psychological and emotional development of children?

6. How do prejudice and bias contribute in the failure of child obesity intervention programs?

7. What is the role of body image in the current child obesity intervention programs?

8. What is the impact of introducing child obesity intervention programs for children not yet in school?

9. What is the role of marketers and food product manufacturers in the child obesity epidemic and how can this be addressed?

10. Does parental input important in child obesity policy making?

11. What are the effects of child obesity on parents and how do they affect parental initiative in addressing the problem?

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