Nursing Assignment

Nursing Assignment

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PART B – Individual written analysis on how the team worked together to prepare the power point (worth 25%)

Students are expected to apply their theory on the group work processes they experienced in their preparation of the power point. This assignment is an individually prepared word document which examines the team-work dynamics that were demonstrated when making the PowerPoint.

  • The total word count for the written section is 1200 words.
  • Each student writes an assignment with an introduction, main area of content, conclusion, and reference page, on how well the team worked together.
  • Use headings it helps you to know what you have completed
  • In text references are used with an end text reference page.

To be a registered nurse you need good communication skills, together with critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Nursing requires excellent teamwork skills and experiencing group work is one method which will assist with the development of your conflict resolution, communication, and time management skills. Reflecting on the teamwork demonstrated in the preparation of the PowerPoint and by then applying the theoretical knowledge on groups to the experience will further enhance your future team work.

When you analyse the team work demonstrated of all team members, you may want to consider and write about some of the following areas:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the topic
  • Attitude toward the task
  • Self-management of time management, deadlines, group requests
  • Interpersonal skills between the team members
  • Group dynamics
  • Leadership methods
  • Conflict resolution
  • Group membership types.

This assignment requires formal academic language, correct structure, and content that demonstrates critical thinking skills. Remember where paraphrasing or direct quotes have been made then they will need correct in text referencing with an end text reference list.

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