NTUC fair price

NTUC fair price

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FairPrice has conducted a survey to examine shoppers’ concern on service quality. Data was collected from FairPrice Xtr Serangoon as shown in Appendix 1. The face-to-face survey was undertaken by students from a local university who approached people as they were walking into the outlet. The total time taken for each survey is around 10 minutes. The shoppers were told the intention of the survey and they were free to not participate. In total 541 responses were obtained and coded.

Research objectives

You are to write a report for the Marketing Manager of Fairprice analysing all thesurvey data and covering all the service quality dimensions:
Satisfaction levels for the following:o Overall physical appearance
o Overall reliability of Fairprice employees
o Ability to respond to shoppers’ needs
o Trustworthiness of Fairprice employees
o Empathy of Fairprice employees
o Overall shoppers’ willing to pay

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