Noguera’s experience

Noguera’s experience

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Noguera talks about his son, Joaquin undergoing identity crises that affected his academic performance. Joaquin was a bright student, an excellent athlete and played piano. However, all of a sudden he seemed distraught with low self-esteem and low grades. Noguera and his wife were worried and at that time Noguera decided to give more time to his son in order to find out his problems. Noguera found out how racial discrimination was affecting his son’s personal traits and behaviors. He realized that the black kids his age are supposed to act rough and be self-destructive because they were supposed to be aimless, less bright or attractive.Joaquin’s grades improved as Noguera shared his own experience of having split personality in school as he was isolated, worked hard to show he was as good as whites and behaved differently at home to cope and remain optimist in his life. The stereotypes associated with blacks were due to their racial background and appearances. Thus, it is important that children in their adolescence should be taught about the implications of ethnic identities and there is more awareness should so that issues relating to racial discrimination are addressed and removed.

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