Noguera’s experience

Noguera’s experience

Noguera’s experience

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Noguera’s experience For this week’s module, please be sure to reference the rubric for posting expectations and refer to a quote (give a page number) or particular section in the reading to support your answers to the following prompts for the Discussion Board:

1. Discuss Noguera’s experience with his son. How does this compare to his own experience coming of age? Talk about Joaquin in relation to the Carter reading last week. In terms of the goals presented by H&S, how does these chapters speak to the context in our region? Paste this response in a new thread with the subject, “Inequality Hits Home.”

2. For the Kozol piece, explain the use of “linguistic sweeteners, semantic somersaults, and surrogate vocabularies” (p 43). Describe the pedagogy embraced by institutions serving young people who typically live in poverty. What has been the result produced by these measures? Paste this response in a new thread with the subject, “Ferguson 2014”

3. In terms of a young person’s perspective of socio-political context, consider the Lyles reading. What transition is described in chapter 9? What is its significance, even today? What can you attribute to the change in atmosphere of the projects? Paste this response in a new thread with the subject, “Evolution of the Projects.”

4. Please respond to one of these prompts answered by another classmate. Create a new thread and add “Response to…” the identified subject. Please be sure to include the name of the person to whom you are responding.


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