Newspaper article about a hypothetical new nutrition program

Newspaper article about a hypothetical new nutrition program

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Read chapter 18 (17): Marketing Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease PreventionWatch powerpoint in Course document section2. Visit the CDC podcast website and listen to at least two of the available podcasts on health marketing.

ASSIGNMENT::: Write a newspaper article that you would like to have placed in your local newspaper about a hypothetical new nutrition program. Define your hypothetical target audience by referring to Table 18-2 (17-2), Major Segmentation Variables for Consumer Markets. For example, my target audience consists of upper-middle class professional married females, ages 35-49, with 1-2 children, income over $50,000, living in the urban areas of the Middle Atlantic States.
This should be written at the top of the article, NOT included in the body of the article.

Write an article (300-500 words) about your program, why it’s needed, what makes it unique, how one can access it. Write it from the perspective that you are telling your target audience about the program – not telling me about it. Shorter paragraphs are more reader friendly than longer ones.

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