Needs assesment Paper

Needs assesment Paper

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A Needs assessment, for a oncology nursing unit (Nurses and nursing students) the practicum project is about creating a stronger and better neurological assessment for patients receiving high doses of Cytarabine. This information I have but needs to develop it, thanks. Perform a membership learning needs the survey to acquire knowledge on what nurses’ learning program should include or encompass and the materials they need for the learning process to be consider active and educative.

• Conference with a sample of a potential focus group.

• Research any changes in nursing legislation.

• Review current nursing profession literature.

• Perform evaluation from prior learning activities.

• Survey of recent trends in patient population, for instance, new technologies, methods of diagnostics and treatments.

Instructions: Conduct your needs assessment procedure.

Note: You may not contact students, patients, or patient’s families as part of the needs assessment. You may not conduct the needs assessment procedure during your work hours. Write your needs assessment procedure.

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