Natural product

Natural product

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What i want from you is to fill an excel spread sheet with these Columbus.
3-patients(clinical trials)
So you have to find 50 natural product and list their name in the product column. Then for each natural product fill what its affect and fill the affects column, then the number of patient in clinical trials (must be human trials not animal) and fill the patient column,then for each product its location for example if the product is a plant in the location(country) column fill where this plant grows.Then for each product what is the chronic diseases that it treats and fill in the diseases must be disease studies like for sleeping dont include only diseasesFinally in the sources column paste the links where you find the information. (((((((note very important)))))):I will uplode an excel where i did the same for 40 product dont do the ones that i already did again and follow the same for the new one

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