Ms. Patty’s Preschool (read and answer 3 questions)

Ms. Patty’s Preschool (read and answer 3 questions)

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Anita sleepily walks into her baby’s room at 4:30 am and picks up three weeks old Sam. As she takes him over to the changing table, he rubs his nose into her breast, his rooting reflex kicking in. “I know you’re hungry, little one,” she coos to him. “Let me change this diaper, and we’ll get you something to eat.” She quickly changes Sam’s diaper and sits down in the rocker to nurse him. As he greedily eats, she thinks about the day ahead of her. In about eight weeks, her maternity leave will be up, and she and her husband, Peter, still have not decided what day care option they are going to use for Sam. As soon as she discovered she was pregnant, they put their name on three waiting lists. Two of the daycare centers called last week to let her know that they had a spot for Sam. She and Peter were going to both centers today to tour the facilities again and make the final decision. After about 40 minutes, Anita places a content and sleepy Sam back into his crib and hopes he will stay asleep long enough for her to take a shower and get dressed. A couple of hours later, her mom arrives to take care of Sam and Anita leaves to meet Peter at Ms. Patty’s Preschool. The two go in and Ms. Patty greets the couple. “Mr. and Mrs. Williams, I’m so glad to see you again. How is your new baby?” “He is a pistol already,” Peter grins. “Well, let me show you around the center again. I’m sure you have even
more questions now that Sam has arrived.” Ms. Patty leads them into a brightly colored room where two teachers and ten toddling children are busy. “This is our toddler room. The children in here are at least 18 months old.  bviously, Sam will not be in here for a while, but I know you said you hope to make a long-term decision regarding your child’s care, so I want to show you everything.”

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