Movie review of quality process improvement

Movie review of quality process improvement

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guidelines are below : Movie Review Guidelines o After stating the main themes of the viewed video segment and how it is organized, consider to what extent the presented information is reliable. The reliability of the information in this case is to be inferred through establishing the correlation between the content of the video and published reliable research in this area and the information that you get from the textbook and lectures. o Consider questions such as: Is there a referenced component to check the accuracy of the presented information? o You may establish a link between the content of the viewed segments and your research project. o A reflective statement on your part may add a value; o Consider what this video adds to your understanding of the subject under inquiry and what it did add to the published research in this area. o What are the limitations; and if you have a chance to do it yourself, how would it be different; what would you omit or add? o In addition, you may consider in your critique whether the instructional objectives were clearly stated, identified and communicated to the audience. o Was the logic that stands behind the creation of the segment identified and how? Was the followed organizational structure meaningful and valid? o Did the segment make use of engaging activities, scenarios and examples to enhance the understanding of the targeted audience? o Did the presented segment use a well-developed self-assessment strategy to allow its viewers self-test their understanding? o How fare was the video segment in general engaging, thought-provoking and presenting what it is expected to present?

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