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Research topic: impact of motivating employees performance?The most essential and valuable component of any organization is human resources department. This department is designed to maximize employee performance and help to reach satisfaction. A well prepared human resources department is the essential key to success. One of the fundamental functions of human resource is to provide motivation among employees. When managers do not motivate their employees, they will face a decrease in the performance, therefore a decrease in the productivity. .An individual will be motivated when the manager fulfils his needs and expectations, therefore will keep high performance and productivity. Not only offering motivation but also showing commitment from workers part is needed in order to increase performance.

Different aspects of motivation can enhance job performance ; using Intrinsic(seek enjoyment, interest and self-expression)and extrinsic (reward , verbal reinforcement)motivation is crucial and contribute to a better performance .Our topic will study: what is the impact of motivation on employees performance? why employee’s performance is important to the organization? During thesis we should ask managersof 10 companies what are the different ways they used in order to motivatate their employees?(financially or non and what r the ways) And does it work?in their opinion does proper motivation increase performance? Ask subjectively 10 questions.companies are supposed to be from different industries, so will pick up 3 banks 3 hospitals 3 marketing companies. Data collection and interviews are supposedly in Lebanon where I should be completing my dissertation so u should be aware about ways they motivate.

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