Moral Objectivism

Moral Objectivism

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Discuss Moral Objectivism and is main critiques of Moral Nihilism and Moral Relativism. Include in your discussion (1) Moral Objectivism in relation of (1a) whether it recognizes diverse moral practices among peoples, (1b) core fundamental moral values, (1c) human nature, (1d) its response to Moral Nihilism and Relativism in relation to (i) apparent moral diversity, (ii) impossibility of resolving moral differences, (iii) whether morality comes from illusion or intuition, (iv) whether morality is produced or discovered. Discuss also (2) Moral Objectivists’ critique of Moral Nihilism in relation to (2a) impossibility of moral criticism, (2b) impossibility of moral progress, (2c) the test of consistency verses livability, (2d) educating the young.

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