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CASE STUDY: on current issues of museum management, non-profit governance or related subject matter.write a paper on the relevant issues at stake, the resolution or current state of the matter and potential and/or alternative actions for directors, board or staff involved. 3 – 5 pages. the project entails you conducting research into the issue by going into periodicals and scholarly research to broaden your understanding of the issue. For your case study, the research will most likely be comprised of newspapers and magazines from the period.
It is your job to investigate the issue presented in the article you selected on a deeper level to understand the issue in greater detail, or perhaps identify other related issues not specifically mentioned in the article, or perhaps issues mentioned in brief, but perhaps very important in the bigger picture. For example (and not necessarily the case with your MoMA investigations) is this a pattern of conduct happening at other museums?, are their related issues surrounding healthcare in terms of labor relations?

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