Modern Western Civilisation

Modern Western Civilisation

Modern Western Civilisation

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1) Modern Western Civilisation  the major thesis of the text;

2) the arguments the author provides in support of this thesis;

3) one or two specific examples that the author uses to bolster these arguments;
4) how the text was interpreted during the class lecture (and whether you agree with this interpretation); and 5) one point that another student raised concerning the text during the online discussion (and whether you agree with that).

Each paragraph will be worth 20 points.

1) Benjamin Ward Richardson, Hygeia, A City of Health, available on Blackboard

***Since the online discussion for Week 7 was optional, you need not
complete part (5) of the Richardson paragraph.

2) K. Marx, F. Engles, The Communist Manifesto, in The Nationalism Reader, pp. 178-183

3) George Warrington Steevens, “After the Conquest,” from With Kitchener to Khartum, available on Blackboard

4) Kristin Asdal, “The Problematic Nature of Nature: The Post-Constructivist Challenge to Environmental History,” History and Theory 42 (4) (December 2003): 60-74. Available on Blackboard

5) George Orwell, “Chapter One,” Homage to Catalonia. Available on Blackboard

6) Aaron M. Drake, “Current U. S. Air Force Drone Operations and Their Conduct in Compliance with International Humanitarian Law—An Overview,” Denver Journal of International Law and Policy 39 (Fall, 2011): 629-661, available on Lexis Nexis Law Database. (Also Available on Blackboard)

7) C. Schmitt, “On the Contradiction between Parliamentarism and Democracy,” (Preface to the Second Edition) in The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy. pp. 1-17.


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