Mobil fuels.

Mobil fuels.

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In an effort to reduce air emissions from mobile sources, the EPA instituted reformulated gasoline (RFG) regulations. EPA’s reformulated gasoline (RFG) rules, required oxygenates (e.g., MTBE, ethanol), reduced vapor pressure (Reid Vapor Pressure or RVP reduction) and reduced toxic. However, there were unintended problems with oxygenates and in May 2006, the EPA reversed the RFG rule’s requirement for oxygenates by eliminating the requirement. While RFG continues in its modified form with some benefits to the environment, it is clearly not sufficient. So, it is time for us to put our “government regulator” hats on and decide what we would advocate as next steps. Some of the best opportunities are available to us by not only changing fuels but also the vehicles that run on those fuels. The following are some examples of vehicle/fuel combination possibilities:

  • traditional vehicle/gasoline (with or without a bit of ethanol)
  • diesel vehicle/ clean diesel (with or without added biodiesel)
  • hybrid (newer plug-ins or traditional hybrid)/gasoline and electric power mix
  • fuel cell/ hydrogen
  • flex-fuel vehicle/ E-85 gasoline
  • natural gas vehicle/natural gas

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