Migration Crisis

Migration Crisis

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The purpose of this project is two-fold

1. To provide students opportunities to think geographically; and

2. To offer students opportunities to do geographic work by identifying emerging geographies of

a. Spatial Patterns of migration in Europe

b. Spatial Processes of Europe’s migration

c. Spatial Projections of Europe’s migration Target Place

a. Europe and its ‘migration crisis’ of people streaming in from the global periphery Specific Questions

1. What kind of migration is this?

2. What is the scale of this migration?

3. Where are these migrants coming from and what is the scale of this migration from Africa, Asia and Latin America?

4. How have they arrived where they are?

5. Why have they left their source countries?

6. Where do they wish to go?

7. How is Europe solving this problem?

8. How should Europe solve this problem

Data Sources

1. Six separate sources from reputable, specific magazines, newspapers and news sources such as:

a. The Economist

b. Time

c. Newsweek

d. Mclean’s

e. Christian Science Monitor

f. Foreign Policy

g. New York Times

h. Wall Street Journal

i. Washington Times

j. The Guardian

k. The Times

l. The Financial Times

m. Reuter

n. Associated Press


2. Note: we are using magazines and newspapers because very few journal articles have been published on the issue. If any have been publish, they will be too long

for this project.


1. A thee-page document (typed, 1.5 spacing. 12 point font) to be posted on Canvas under assignments by 10:00 am on 29th November.

2. Papers should be in sections as follows:

a. What new geography has emerged between their source and current destination and where they intend to go in Europe

b. What spatial processes underlie emerged spatial patterns?

c. What do you predict will happen to their current locations, their source and their ultimate destinations?

3. In addition, a cove page stating the title of the project, name student and their Banner Number should be provided.

4. Also a reference page listing sources sued in APA format.

Note: You can discuss in small groups but all repots have to be individualized.

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