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Questions (25 points each):

1. As an outcome of the Module 1 Discussion, identify and describe what the class as a whole (a) found to be the top four communication management problems commonly associated with advertising and promotion, and (b) found to be the top solutions to these communication management problems. Why is it important to apply the Saint Leo core value of community when working with your peers (both in the classroom and in the work environment)? Give an example of how the core value was applied in the discussion.

2. Outline and explain the key outcomes of the research represented in the assigned mobile advertising article.

3. Compare (cite and explain relevant similarities) and contrast (cite and explain relevant pointed differences) the services offered by the following advertising agencies: Strawberry Frog, DDB Worldwide, and Exile on 7th.

4. Compare (cite and explain relevant similarities) and contrast (cite and explain pointed differences) TV and radio as advertising media.

5. Compare and contrast the value of newspapers and magazines as advertising media given the current external marketing environment (economic, legal, social, cultural, etc.).

6. Identify and explain the chief challenges confronting mobile advertising.

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