Meslow’s pyramid

Meslow’s pyramid

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New Meta Maslow’s Pyramid: does American Dream looks beautiful in the new era?

The great psychologist Abraham Maslow, in his seminal 1943 article, “A Theory of Human Motivation,” suggested that there were certain basic needs that are central to all people. There is even a pyramid of these needs. However, some needs and the definition to the needs have changed through decades. In this research paper, I will briefly explain and compare the original Pyramid and the new era pyramid in today’s America society and demonstrate why it changed by linking it to the new American Dream and the factors that lead to the social phenomenon of over valuing the importance of appearance and the critical sides of this.

At the top of the pyramid is something called “self-actualization,” which has to do with people becoming their highest and best selves. Below self-actualization is self-esteem, which has to do with respect, mastering different activities, and being comfortable with one’s own psychology. Dropping down from self-esteem is the human need for love and belonging, which is what drives romances and communities


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