Mental illness

Mental illness

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Assignment 2 – Reflective Exercise Dropbox (1000-1500 words)

Reflective practice skills are required of health professionals to improve and develop their therapeutic use of self. Self-assessment and ongoing learning are integral requirements of professional accountability. This assignment takes the form of a self-reflective exercise in which you discuss the lecture from week 1 and extend your exploration of the subject matter that the speaker presented. In writing this paper, the following questions must be addressed:

1    What preconceived ideas of the mental health and mental illness did you have prior to observing the speaker/lecture? 2    Since observing the speaker, what are your current thoughts and perceptions of mental health and mental illness? 3    What does the literature say about mental health and mental illness? 4    What surprised you the most within the lecture and why? 5    What are the barriers or limitations you foresee (both personal and from others) that may impact on working with people with mental health issues in your future practice? How will you address these? What are the strengths and resources you can offer as a registered nurse in context of working with people who may have mental health issues. 6    How can you relate what you have heard in the lecture to all areas of your future practice?


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