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memoir and response

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There is no easy way to begin college. When I started at the University of Alabama, I was already apprehensive about moving in with three suite mates I had never met, and hearing horrible stories of friends’ roommate experiences wasn’t helping (we are technically suite mates because we each have our own room). The release of the Roommate movie last summer where an unsuspecting girl was murdered also played into my fear. Though it is perfectly reasonable to be scared of the unknown, especially when you are going from being a big fish in a high school pond to a little fish in a college that seems as large as an ocean, campus urban legends make a much larger impact on upcoming freshman than they are given credit for. As stated by Claire Howell Major, “Legends that depict peers, or are spread through peer groups, help mediate students’ experience with the campus and may help or hinder, depending on the experience, students’ entry or survival within the campus context” (239). College urban legends do indeed have a large affect on incoming college students, though it is more often negative than positive. Try not to let these urban legends ruin your freshman year, but know that they can play into the fear of the unknown and create unnecessary anxiety, dread, and prejudice toward the college environment.

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