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The Middle East have had a rough relationship with the media in the past few decades. However, that trend is changing very fast since the beginning of the Arab Spring (Carrington, 2013). The emergence of the social media has people participation in sharing of information from village to t village, town to another, from one city to the other and from one country to its neighbors. People through the social media have shared their opinions that have shaped the recent development and increased on freedom and respect for human rights. The rise of social media has invoked a desire of the demise of old order and establishment of fresh, energetic leaders in the industry and also in other institution including public and private. Television is the most predominance media center watched by the majority in the Middle East but does not fall to those that a with credible news (Carrington, 2013). The youth have become aware that information is different depending on the outlet one is turned into. Students watch TV, but most of the time they are checking on the news on their smartphones and Blackberries devices. The Middle East has embraced internet freedom which has increased on the freedom of expression, and the authority has welcomed outrage of internet attack when they fall short of public expectation (Carrington, 2013). However, there is a general acceptance that people cannot criticize emir because it amount to blasphemous and also the anti-Islam content is not allowed to be posted online. In conclusion, just like the changes of media in the Western countries, the Middle East have not been left behind, and there is a positive change in the freedom of the media and credible transmission of news to the masses.

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