Mathematics calculations reflective essay

Mathematics calculations reflective essay

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For the Unit 10 Discussion Board, you will complete a reflective essay to address the following questions:Consider what you know about personal financial matters. Where did you gain this knowledge? Did you learn about these matters in school or some other deliberate training, or did you learn from personal experience? Are you satisfied with your level of knowledge on personal financial matters? Are you satisfied with how you have handled money in the past?Consider your calculations from the Unit 9 Discussion Board. How do changes in interest rate, time, and compounding affect the amount of interest earned on an investment? What changes will you make in the way you deal with money based on what you learned?

Will you be making any changes in the way that you handle financial matters based on what you learned? If so, what will you do differently? What do you wish you had known earlier in your financial life? What financial advice would you give to a young person just starting out?Here is my unit 9 discussion topic:One important application of exponential functions is calculating compound interest. Compound interest is a way of earning interest on a sum of money by figuring the interest at certain intervals. The interest may be figured once a year, twice a year, quarterly, monthly, or even daily! In the Unit 9 Discussion, you will be asked to find the value of an investment after a certain number of years.You have just come into a large sum of money! You make the wise decision to invest the money to use at a later date. Use the exponential equation to find the total amount in the investment account after a certain number of years.

Amount_in_investment_account_equation.JPGFor your problem:Choose an amount between $5,000 and $500,000 for p , the initial amount of money to invest.

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