Mastery Assignment: Followership and Leadership Assessment and Development Plan

Mastery Assignment: Followership and Leadership Assessment and Development Plan

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Successful learners acquire knowledge and develop skills in decision making and operations management that include strategic planning, human resource management, financial management, business development and marketing, quality improvement and information management. They also gain the ability to interpret and apply healthcare policy, law, regulations, compliance requirements and accreditation standards.

1. Explain contemporary leadership and management theories, concepts, and practices and their respective applications to healthcare organizations within the context of organizational mission and patient care needs (Career Preparation).

2. Evaluate the appropriateness of management and administrative methods and practices for routine administrative operations and functions, and for addressing change and other challenges presented in healthcare organizations (Leadership).

3. Collaborate effectively with individuals, teams, organizational partners, and other stakeholders in diverse, multicultural, and multidisciplinary environments (Leadership).

4. Analyze market, economic, financial, organizational, and other related circumstances using appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods (Critical Thinking).

5. Apply best practices for knowledge-based strategic, operational, and functional decision making (Critical Thinking).

6. Use appropriate technologies to support functional and administrative processes (Critical Thinking).

7. Employ sustainable, patient-centric, ethical, legal, and socially responsible business practices (Ethical Reasoning).

8. Communicate effectively in a variety of healthcare organizations (Communication).

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