Maslow’s Hierarchy and Decision Making Process

Maslow’s Hierarchy and Decision Making Process

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1.Notes must be written with elaboration as I will be using them while
the presentation and it should reflect the below points given in the
(point no5.Oral presentation skills rubric) examples used are from UAE
2.Need the presentation to use the market language in explaining the
theory in details, also the purchasing decision steps and all the
factors in it in details. examples required for explanation purpose
3.presentation has to be attractive\ direct\useful\coherent \harmony
flow to the audience so they will understand the subject given ,
examples will be related to UAE market.
4.required animations and graphics , sounds effects that is used in a
suitable slide according to the material in that particular slide.
5.Oral presentation skills rubric (most important) focus on each
traits below and mention the same in the slides and the way to achieve
them as explain in the guidelines.
1 Opening Statement with purpose
2 Organization
3 Content: currency & relevance
4 Quality of slides
5 Quality of conclusion
6 Voice quality, pace
7 Mannerisms
8 Delivery of contents
9 Time
10 Ability to answer questions


[1] Opening Statement
3. Clear opening statement, presenting issue and organization for
speech, imaginative – catches audience’s interest.
3: Clear organization, reinforced by media. Stays focused throughout.
[3] Content: currency & relevance
3: Research goes beyond minimum requirements. Strong analysis.
[4] Quality of slides
3: Readable, professional, imaginative and/or of high quality (without
being a distraction).
[5] Quality of conclusion
3: Precise conclusion, well organized, give good recommendation
[6] Voice quality, pace
3: Speaking appropriately, clear and sharp voice, normal volume, rate
and quality
[7] Mannerisms
3: Excellent use of hands, arms, body, and eye contact
[8] Delivery of contents
3: Communicate effectively and explain more than just reading slides.
[9] Time
3: Appropriate length of presentation. Time is appropriately used.
[10] Ability to Answer Questions
3: Handles all questions with relevant, correct information.

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